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We own a plant with the highest technology for coating surfaces in epoxy powder, epoxy-polyester or polyester.

The permanent process control, with particular emphasis on the phosphating degreasing phase, allows us to obtain high quality finishes in a wide range of colors and finishes.

Our tunnel, 160 meters long, has a gauge of 2.10 m. high and 1 m. is ready for painted pieces of large volume up to a length of 5 m and maximum weight 400 kg per linear meter piece.

With this productive process TECNOVEN is able to give a finished product to the customer, increasing added value and closing productive cycle.


The pieces, arranged in an automated chain receive a preparation treatment prior to painting, through a 30 meters length tunnel, consisting of:

     1) Degreasing and Phosphating

     2) Rinse

     3) Zirconium passivate

     4) Washing with Osmotized Water

     5) Washing with demineralized water

This treatment guarantees the best paint anchor on each substrate, whether ferric or non-ferric.

Once pieces are in optimal pre-treatment conditions, painting begins; either it is robotized, manual or mixed. Using powder paints (Epoxy, Epoxy-Polyester, Polyester, Polyurethane, etc.).

The Magic Plus is an automatic fast color change system.

The main feature of the booth is a material that rejects the powder coating, with an easy cleaning system. Two side openings guarantee perfect finish in most difficult parts. A color change is made between two people in 15 minutes.

The Magic Plus has two side openings for manual retouching.

The operating elements (color center and control unit) are located next to the work station to facilitate the manipulation of all the controls of the application.

When the second manual retouch opening isn’t required, it can be closed by a door.

At every change of piece, handguns can be switched on or off.

The plastic side walls prevent powder coating deposition helped by central suction unit.

The booth is easily cleaned with an air lance.

Usually orders are given through a PLC with a touch screen. The control unit of the guns is located in an APS cabinet.

The powder coating center and the control unit are located next to one of the touch-up points, so corrections can be made along the way. All this technology provides a total control over the application process, being able to have paint parameters (such as reciprocal speed, amount of dust, air or voltage) programmed for our clients’ repetitive parts, speeding up the process and achieving outstanding quality.

Normally with multiple color change running, powder coating is taken directly from the box.

Constant supply of the guns is ensured through a level probe.

The independent suction unit of the powder coating center guarantees a clean environment into and around the color center, reducing the risk of contamination.

The internal cleaning of hoses, injectors and pistols is automatic.

Powder circuit:

  1. Powder is directly fluidized in its box.
  2. Level controlled injectors send the powder coating directly to guns through the hoses.
  3. Excess powder is sucked by a central suction unit with vibration towards the separating cyclone.
  4. In the cyclone collector, powder is separated from the air and sieved on an integrated sieve.
  5. The remaining fine particles fall into a waste tank that can be easily emptied, after being filtered by the absolute filter, so air can be expelled in the installation environment.

The 20,000 m3 cyclone collector is easy to clean and has a high degree of powder separation.

The sieve is integrated in the exit of the cyclone. During cleaning process, sieve and cone are quickly blown out, achieving a total cleaning throughout the powder recovery system.

The powder deposited polymerization is made passing the parts through a 30 meters length oven with advanced technology. The tunnel length together with the temperature control and electronic probes, guarantee a perfect polymerization process in any thickness and measure.

The quality department carries out an exhaustive monitoring of the whole painting process, verifying that all the requirements required to give the highest quality are achieved.

  • Control and adjustment of bathrooms.
  • Measurement of paint in each application.
  • Measurement and real temperature control of parts in the polymerization process.
  • Control of powder thikness in finished pieces.
  • Destructive test according to ISO 2409.


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